Top All-Time Ferrari Models

July 6, 2017Cars Standard

Unless you live or visit the fanciest neighborhoods in the US, or deciding where to go in Manhattan, it’s likely you don’t see many Ferraris on the road. These beautiful cars captivate our attention, but they also tend to hurt our brains when we think about what we could buy with the money it costs to own one. But it doesn’t hurt to know about the best of the best. Ferrari has a long history of road-worthy cars behind them though, and it doesn’t cost anything to learn more about it. It’s clear that the car maker was destined for success from practically the moment they formed the company. Pay this icon a little tribute by learning more about their triumphs.

250 GT (1957)

For those who think that everything from the past was old-fashioned, you may want to look at the GT from 1957. It would be tough to find anyone who doesn’t at least appreciate this car. Beloved as much in the past as it is today, this car could get up 280 horsepower in its V12 engine. It was the car every Californian and defensive driving grad wanted to travel in while cruising down the Pacific Coast Highway, or up to the country club. This convertible made people’s heads turn practically everywhere it went.

250 GTO (1962)

The 1960s may have seen a lot of turmoil, but there was also a lot of passion in this decade. The car company only made 39 of these cars in two years, which basically means that you’ve almost certainly never seen one in the flesh. This car makes the list because it’s fast, undoubtedly sexy, and won at FIFA three years in a row. If you have $31 million lying around, you may be able to buy one of these at a private auction.

288 GTO (1984)

You may be noticing a theme with the favored models in Ferrari. The 1980s certainly saw their fair share of cool cars, but this 288 really took the cake. If you were on the road with one of these babies at the time, you weren’t going anywhere without hordes of people mobbing you, desperate to be your friend. Well, maybe not hordes of screaming fans, but you were going to get stopped an awful lot at the grocery store, the mall, etc. This car may not have had an incredible amount of power, but the driver was going to feel every drop of energy due to its lightweight frame and awesome performance.

458 Italia (2011)

Not every Ferrari in the world has been met with the same amount of enthusiasm. Some cars failed to get the amount of interest the company was hoping it would generate, like the F430. But rather than let the defeat get them down, Ferrari decided to do something about it by going back to the drawing board. The 458 was something of a response to the 430, and it definitely managed to get the hero’s welcome it was looking for. The 458 is light and features a 4.5L V8 engine. It’s a car that will get the blood pumping when stepping on the accelerator.

F12 Berlinetta (2013)

This car doesn’t look exactly like a GT, but it was Ferrari’s attempt to pay a little homage to the old cars that made Ferrari so successful. Like all the other choices on this short menu, it has the aerodynamics to make drivers happy, and the enthusiasm from the engine to complement its speedy design. The vents work with air to shave off seconds when drivers are trying to get from 0 to 60 in a hurry.

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