The latest convertibles to let your hair down

March 7, 2016Cars Standard

One of the best ways to take a long road trip – with the roof down and the wind flowing through your hair, on the open highway. Or even a casual drive around the city centre, or along the beach front.

There is nothing quite like the feeling of driving with the top down in any environment. The feeling of freedom and no worries from the world around you, whether in boardshorts or a skirt, is sure to be a pleasurable driving experience.

There is a great range of convertibles on the market today, that cater for all budgets and tastes. It is always best to consider a convertible that is specifically built for this purpose. Many brands introduce a soft top model as an after thought. In some cases, this affects the overall performance of the car.

With safety a key factor with a soft top, additional safety points are incorporated into the design. This does affect the overall weight of the car, even with technological advances in carbon fiber and other materials. Extra weight can impact overall performance and feel.

With the big names in cars jostling to capture the hearts and imaginations of the buying public, most have a convertible model that is sure to tickle your fancy. Whether you are looking for a 2 seater sports car, or a more practical 4 seater saloon, the likes of BMW have really thought of everything in their latest convertible offerings.

BMW 2 Series

The compact 4 seater BMW convertible comes in two models – the 228i and 235i. Each has a whole host of performance features that can be added as extras, that will turn heads even more. This model is only available with an automatic transmission. This does have an impact on its 0-60 timing when compared to the BMW coupe equivalent.

As with any BMW, one has to consider the M badge. There are some incredible options you can add to turn this great looking soft top into a high performance beauty.

You can add;

  • M-suspension (lowered and adaptive suspension pack)
  • Sport Line Trim (which includes 18” allow wheels and a host of extra cosmetic trim) and –
  • Track Handling Pack. (When added to the 228i brings it very close to the performance of the 235i.

The rear seats of the BMW convertible can be lowered to open up the trunk space. This allows a larger load, but sitting in rear seats should be limited to short journeys. More ideal for a family of 4 with two small children. Rear space is limited, and this has to be considered in your plans if buying for a family convertible.

Overall the BMW 2 Series ticks a lot of boxes, and should be considered if you are looking for a high quality convertible on a tighter budget. If you are looking for a larger interior and overall mid-sized convertible, you may well consider the BMW 4 series, which of course comes with a higher price tag and additional benefits.

Choosing a convertible is an art. You have to factor a lot more into your buying decision, such as your driving habits, how the car will be used, and who usually takes trips with you.

Be sure to consider these factors when you make your decision. Get the best fit for you and your needs. If you are single right now…you might just be surprised of the pulling power a soft top can bring!

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