Some of the Most Difficult Parts of Owning A Classic Sports Car

August 1, 2017Cars Standard

The owners of some of the world’s most valued vintage sports cars are in possession of the most well-constructed and enjoyable vehicles ever created. They also face some of the most painfully arduous maintenance and insurance issues. Those that have the available means to properly look after their old-school vehicles in a comprehensive manner are among the lucky few, as many people today struggle to get the right attention and service for their timeless motorcars.

Struggling to Find the Right Parts

Owners of modern vehicles have a massive advantage over those that prefer driving around in historical works of art in that they can simply head to the nearest automobile parts store when they need a replacement. Owners of classic vehicles like a Ferrari 250 SWB may find it very difficult replacing a damaged part that is no longer in production. Essentially, the parts that classic car owners seek are as coveted as the vehicles they fit into.

Joining a classic car club is a great way to source a rare spare part. The people in these clubs will be more than happy to help out a fellow appreciator of bygone champions. There are also specialised auction houses which will put such parts up on auction, but you may find yourself steeped in a heavy bidding war with other classic car owners desperate for the same part.

The internet will provide you with the most information possible, and you may be able to more easily find an online store that sells what you need as opposed to physically searching your country for it. Some modern parts may even fit the description, while those that would not otherwise be able to be installed can be modified accordingly.

The Problem with Making Claims

With regards to car accident claims, many classic vehicle drivers may end up coming against a lot of red tape when they seek compensation for an accident. It is difficult to find schemes that adequately cover classic cars, as their performance levels and internal makeup are so different to the modern ones that insurance schemes will generally cover. Even if you do manage to make a suitable claim, you may struggle to find a mechanic with the skillset that extends to historical vehicles.

Many classic cars will come with outdated safety equipment, lacking some of the most basic components like seat belts or driver restraint systems, and barely any classic cars possess airbags unless this is a feature installed in modern times, but retrofitting is almost impossible with old cars. As a result of lacking safety standards, you may easily lose out on any claim-based compensations, and may even be liable for legal action if someone was injured as a result of your lacking safety standards. All you can really do with most classic cars is to ensure that your tire pressure is kept at a good level, and that your engine is in peak condition at all times.


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