Pick a Car That Will Impress Your Date When You Pick Them Up In NY State

May 15, 2016Cars Standard

An old adage says that you can tell a lot about how a person will treat their significant other by the car they drive. Regardless of this adage’s veracity, you can use it to your advantage when picking someone up for a date. What you pick them up in will say a lot both about yourself and how you view your date. Here’s a look at several different options and what they say about your burgeoning relationship.

Your Own Car: Solid Upstate, Not Downstate

In Upstate New York, it’s standard to pick up a date in your own car. You won’t go wrong arriving in your own car because it’s assumed that everyone drives and has access to a car. You might not make a strong impression if you drive a typicalsedan, but at least you won’t make a negative first impression (as long as nothing’s dragging on the road).

In New York City, people use their own cars far less often — and some people don’t even have licenses. You’re welcome to pick up your date in your own car, but be prepared to deal with traffic and pay for parking. Your date might find your reaction enlightening if you get cut off or a ticket for double-parking, but you might not make the impression you’d like to.

Renting a Car: For Short-Term Upstate Romances

If you’re looking for a short fling Upstate and don’t own a cool car, consider renting one. Rates for large SUVs, fancy sports cars, automobiles celebrities drive, aren’t too expensive, and they make great impressions. Just be sure the relationship will end before the rental agreement, so you don’t have to face choosing between late fees or fessing up to an automotive facade.

Uber: Risky Choice, If Available

Uber isn’t available everywhere in New York State, but it’s a trendy way to get around where it is available. Even in New York City, which is one of the company’s main markets, Uber is a risky choice for a date. Uber drivers aren’t professionals, so you never know how the driver will treat you and your date. Most are very pleasant and professional, but there’s no guarantee that your driver will be — making this akin to rolling the dice on your relationship.

Taxi: Solid Downstate, Not Upstate

In New York City, taxi cabs are all over, and almost everyone rides them. Taking them is the Downstate equivalent of using your own car Upstate: a safe, conservative choice. It’s a less-risky option than Uber, because taxi drivers must meet their company’s standards, and people are more used to taking them.

It’s far less common to take a taxi Upstate. Depending on your date’s disposition, they may be put off by the experience. Additionally, a taxi ride may be expensive if you don’t live right in Albany, Syracuse, Rochester or Buffalo.

Limo: Always Impressive

There are two ways to really impress a date: dress to impress or rent a limo. If you show up in a limo, your date will be expecting a big event, but you don’t need to have a ring in hand in order to justify getting a limo. Showing up in a limo shows how special the person you’re with is, regardless of what’s planned for the evening. Whatever it is, dress well, bring flowers and put your date at ease so they can enjoy the evening.

Just as planning what to do on a date depends largely on where you are, deciding what to pick your date up in is also a localized decision. If you’re Upstate, drive your own car, (and make sure your NY auto insurance is up to date), or get a limo. If you’re Downstate, get a cab or limo. Both can lead to another date, although the limo may leave an impression that lasts much longer.

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