How to Keep Your Car’s Engine Running Smoothly All Year Round

January 19, 2016Cars Standard

Your car’s engine is like your heart; it keeps your car running smoothly when it’s in great shape and it can also adversely affect your vehicle’s performance when it’s in poor condition. Therefore, one of the ways to extend the life of your vehicle is by regularly maintaining its engine and ensuring that it remains in tiptop shape.


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How can you keep your vehicle’s engine running smoothly all year round and throughout all of the seasons and everything Mother Nature throws its way? Keep reading for a few helpful tips.

Prepare Your Car for the Fall

During the fall, you can expect the temperatures to drop and the days to get shorter, so this is an ideal opportunity to prep your vehicle’s engine for the winter that will soon be here.

It’s a good idea to switch to synthetic motor oil during your next oil change, as this is designed to work in a wider range of conditions and temperatures.

It’s also a great idea to make sure your wipers are ready for snow and rain, and make sure that your windshield fluid is topped off.

Then refill your antifreeze and coolant so you can reduce the odds of stalling when the nights are chilly.

Get Your Car Ready for the Winter

Winter is the roughest season on your vehicle, as there will be low temperatures, a lot of rain, ice, and snow, and even salt on the roads.

Check the tread on your tyres prior to the winter season hitting in order to ensure you’ll be able to get around without slipping. It’s also a good idea to ensure they’re inflated properly, as this will help them grip the roads better.

On top of that, you should check if your car’s battery is completely charged because the cold temperatures could reduce its efficiency. Replace the battery if necessary.

Set Your Car Up for the Spring

Spring brings the return of the warm sun, so it’s the perfect time to vacuum the inside of the car, wash off the salt, mud, and other debris that has accumulated on the exterior, and get your car to look like new by clearing out any clutter that has accumulated throughout the winter.

A spring tune-up is also a great time to check the brakes, belts, and hoses, which may have been strained throughout the previous season. Make replacements and repairs wherever necessary.

Keep Your Car in Great Shape Through the Summer

Summer can be just as rough as winter if you experience extreme temperatures.

Your engine could end up overheating more easily, so check that the coolant is topped off and that the radiator system doesn’t have any leaks.

If you plan on travelling a lot during the summer, get the oil changed and make sure your tyres are in good condition before you head off and when you return.

In addition to maintaining your vehicle throughout the year by using the top fuel treatment products on the market, consider the tips above to fully prepare your car for every season.

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