How to go about your Personal Injury Case in Toledo

May 14, 2019Cars Standard

You wake up in the morning, prepare for work and kiss your loved ones goodbye. But as you drive down to work, an aggressive or negligent driver hits your car, and as a result, you end up sustaining minor or major injuries.

Well, if you find yourself in that situation, it’s likely that you are having thousands of questions running through your mind – how are you going to compensate for the hours of not being able to work? Who is going to take care of your all the property damage you have incurred. How will you take care of your loved ones? What next? And perhaps, most importantly, who is going to pay for your injuries? If it’s any consolation, all these questions are founded.

In Toledo, every driver must drive reasonably to protect other motorists, pedestrians, and passengers on the road. If a driver breaks any of the following duties, s/he may be held accountable for the accident and the ensuing losses.

Duty to drive at a reasonable speed –drivers in Toledo are required to drive at a reasonable and safe speed. So, if a driver decides to drive beyond the speed limit – or drives in a speed that is not safe (depending on aspects like weather, traffic or road conditions), and in the process, causes an accident, they may be held responsible for your losses and damages.

Duty to maintain control of the vehicle – all drivers are required to maintain control of their car by paying attention, being alert and being able to stop quickly.

The duty under Toledo Law – A driver has an obligation to adhere to the relevant traffic laws – like following right of way, driving without being under the influence of alcohol or drugs, and driving the right side and part of the road.

If the driver breaks one or more of these (or any other duty that’s not specified here) and this breach causes you to suffer, you may wish to talk to a Toledo car accident lawyer about the possibility of pursuing a personal injury case.

Lawyering up not only ensures you are aware of legal options; it also helps you get the most out of the process. Failing to lawyer up may only expose you to vulnerabilities which may end up costing you the compensation.

What to do

After an accident, the at-fault driver’s insurance company will almost always send their high flying lawyers to try and get a statement from you. Unfortunately, without a lawyer by your side, you won’t know what information to give and what not to give. And as you are aware in law, anything you say may end confiscating you. Again, you should know that the insurance company never has your back, so, they may try to offer a low cut compensation for your injuries and damages. Sometimes, they will even refuse to pay you, claiming you were equally at fault. An experienced lawyer will act as the point of contact between you and the insurance company, negating any problem that may ensue.

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