Ferrari 430: A Supercar from the Top Sports Car Manufacturer

October 24, 2016Cars Standard

Just the name of Ferrari is enough to convey the impression of a very good looking and fast moving car. The company has today become synonymous with fast moving sports cars. This Italian giant sports car manufacturer has many winners in its stable that includes not just passenger cars and coupe but also beauties especially meant for the racing tracks. Ferrari 430 was one such super car from the stable of the company that was produced from 2005 till 2009. The owners of this amazing car from Ferrari know it better than others why it is considered one of the best to have come out from the stable of this Italian automobile giant?

The amazing and unique driving experience of Ferrari 430

Ferrari 430, like other sports luxury cars from the company is not only smooth and powerful but it also gives a unique driving experience that is different and pleasurable for the owners. This sports car from Ferrari is packed with sensational features though it is also very highly priced. However, even the critics agree that this high price tag of Ferrari 430 is deserved because of the power and performance of this car. Also, they are quick to point out that the company is justified in charging a little extra from the customers because of the money it pumped in research and development. It allowed its engineers to learn from Formula 1 racing and give back this experience to the cars designed for the consumers.

Price tag may not be alluring but everything else is

Not only is Ferrari 430 sleek and very aerodynamic, It is also very powerful and gives a very smooth performance on road. It is believed by many experts to have the most striking appearance among the cars produced by the company. Whether one buys this car in the cherry red or any other color, he is sure to get the attention of everyone else on road. Ferrari 430 Spider is easily recognizable as a Ferrari. It sets the hearts racing when it is racing on the tracks. But it is equally alluring when driven on the streets of the city. The price tag (prices could be found at of £118500 for 430 Coupe may appear to be high for many but those who value the sporty looks and the luxury of a Ferrari know that it is a price worth paying for a Ferrari.

Ferrari 430 is fitted with a 4.3 liter V8 engine that produces a power of nearly 490 HP at 8500rpm. It is a beauty that moves at lightening fast pace on the roads. It has a top speed of nearly 200 mph and it can clock 60mph in only 4 seconds. These are the reasons why people are ready to spend such a high price for this mean machine. When you sit behind the wheels, you feel like sitting on the road. But this is what the engineers have been able to achieve by combining the learning experience of Formula 1 with the luxury and power of a Ferrari. You realize the power of this car when you have switched the ignition on and pressed the accelerator to clock high speeds. The engine of this car makes a lot of noise that can be compared with that of a raging bull. While this Ferrari is basically 6 speed manual transmission type,, you also have the option of a F1 paddle if you do not want to waste time changing gears and simply scorch the tracks. One feature that you will definitely notice is the electronic differential that allows you to push through harder at he bends and curves than other cars.

So thrilling is the experience of accelerating this Ferrari that you find yourself being pushed at the back of your seat because of the car zipping ahead at a furious pace. You will be surprised how quickly straight road ends and you arrive at a bend when you are sitting behind the wheels of a Ferrari 430. If you are interested in a Ferrari or any other sports luxury car, all you have to do is to visit It is the preferred destination of the car enthusiasts in many countries across the world.

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