Common car repairs you can do at home using a car workshop manual

July 22, 2021Maintenance Standard

Car workshop manuals are the best way to dive into the DIY train and learn some more about your vehicle. They will teach you easy ways to repair your car and diagnose common issues. A manual is so helpful that a seemingly unenthusiastic person can also fix his car using it.

Here are some common repairs you can do using a workshop manual.

Replace Headlights

When your headlight has dimmed down, and it’s not working as it used to, it’s time to replace it. However, you need to know the proper way to do the replacement, or you will do more harm than good. Usually, it is the bulb that malfunctions, but sometimes the headlight housing goes bad, and must be changed. The workshop manual can tell you what screws to open and how to extract the bulb to change it. It becomes highly convenient to have a guide when you are undertaking such a challenging task.

Replace a Broken Fuse

The fuse box is full of small fuses to protect the electrical system from damage. As such, fuses often break, and a particular function in the car stops working. When that happens, you must locate the blown fuse and replace it with a new one. It is sometimes better to change the old fuse with a new one, that is of a higher tolerance. For example, if you had a 10 A fuse installed, you could go for a 15 A fuse just to increase the system’s tolerance. Normally, fuses are easy to locate, but they can be hidden in specific places in some vehicles, and that is where a manual comes in handy.

Installing New Suspension

The suspension takes a lot of abuse and absorbs most of the impact received from the road. As such, the struts wear out after 80,000 to 100,000 miles. You must change them and install new ones to get a smoother drive from your vehicle. Such a job can cost $600 or more if you go to a mechanic but doing it yourself can cut down the cost by almost half. All you need are the correct type of tools and a workshop manual.

Change Coolant

The coolant manages the temperature inside an engine. It absorbs the heat and transmits it to the radiator so that it can be dissipated. However, this necessary lubricant also has a lifespan, after which it has to be replaced. You would need a set of dedicated tools for the job and a guide to help you along the way. You can drain the coolant from an opening below the radiator and refill the new one from the top. It’s incredibly easy and can save you $100.

Remove and install body panels and bumpers

There are times where a minor accident may not be worth an insurance claim, so knowing exactly how to remove and then reinstall body panels or bumper bars can avoid the need for a claim. Each car has different methods of mounting the bumper bar and body panels, so having a workshop manual or factory service manual will assist you greatly in being able to turn the job into a fairly simple job with only standard tools required. You can purchase a same colour bumper bar or panel from a car wrecking yard and swap over the items to make your car look as good as before.


You must learn to be self-sufficient and learn small details about your vehicle. The more you know, the better you will be able to fix your car. You can download free factory service manuals at the All Car Manuals website. The information will help you in the long run when your vehicle is prone to failure and faults.

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