Collecting Miniature Cars: Where to Start?

February 24, 2018Cars Standard

There are tons of different collectibles out there, from stamps, shells, coins, or fridge magnets. But what’s more appropriate for a car aficionado than starting to collect miniature cars? It’s a great alternative for those who don’t have the means to purchase all the cars they love (few do), or the space to store them. Though some might think these are just toy cars, the minute details and workmanship is not often something appreciated by a child. For years, car lovers have been creating, collecting, selling and trading these miniature cars to create extensive collections that many can admire.


But how to get into this hobby and where does one start?


What Do You Like?


Many collections start with a love for a particular model or make of car. Whether these are vintage roadsters, muscle cars, luxury vehicles, or something of personal significance, pinpointing the kinds of cars you are passionate about is a good start. If nothing comes to mind, think of what makes you excited about cars, what kinds warrant you to do a double take, or even what era of movie do you watch that makes you think, “I wish they still drove cars like that around today.”


Buy Your First One


It takes just one to get a collection started, so it’s time to go shopping. You might want to buy something while you’re on a trip visiting one of the biggest collections of miniature cars in Quebec, or you might find a diamond in the rough at an auction. Your first collectible car will always have a special significance to you, no matter how big or valuable your collection ends up being. After a while you will be able to train your eye to see flaws, bonus features, but with your first, don’t stress too much or go for something too expensive. See this as your childhood bike that you will eventually grow out of but is an essential tool for you to learn on.


Do Your Research


Now that you’ve gotten started, it’s time to research what you have. How much is it really worth? Which features are important? How do I know that it’s good quality? What additional models would make this even more valuable? Is it a limited edition? The hobby is in great part just learning the minute details about these cars so that later when you spot something interesting, you will know what it is, what to look for, how to restore it, and more. This research will also likely guide you into the direction your collection will go.


Join a Club


Clubs are a good place to meet other passionate miniature car collectors, but also a valuable opportunity to learn more about this world. They often put on meetings that feature talks, presentations, workshops, and more. There might also be an opportunity for better trades, etc. Even if you live far away from other collectors and are remotely located, the internet provides a multitude of opportunities from chatrooms, Facebook groups, and even interesting Twitter handles to follow and interact with. This will also keep you informed about upcoming large-scale events like conventions, sometimes even allowing you to get better rates.


Keep Alert


The best collectors are the ones who are always on the prowl, no matter where they are and what they do. Check online auctions, scour through local yard sales, shop at antique shops, and always keep your ear to the ground. A well-curated collection is really just a proof of persistence and engagement in the hobby.


Collecting miniature cars can be a fun and rewarding hobby for any car lover. No need to get your hands dirty, build an addition to your garage, or buy expensive vehicles. Instead, start putting up some sturdy shelving and acquiring some display cases: a collection is about to he born!


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