3 Amazing Features of a Removable Truck Utility Bed

April 24, 2018Tips and advice Standard

Whether you work as a plumber or need a mobile treatment center that can navigate rough off-road conditions, few add-ons can provide as big of an impact as a removable utility bed. Fully customizable, these truck accessories are perfect for storing valuable materials and equipment and can even serve as a mobile office space for remote construction work.


The convenience of a removable utility bed is truly remarkable, yet this is only possible thanks to the system’s unique design and features. Here’s a closer look at some of the attributes that make a truck utility bed so beneficial and easy to use for such a wide range of industries.


Lock-Down System


A removable utility bed is an investment — something that should help sustain your business operations for years to come. In fact, with their fiberglass construction, these units often last longer than the trucks themselves!


Because of this, having a lock-down system (rather than drilling the utility bed into the truck itself) can make a big difference. A lock-down system allows the removable utility bed to be detached from the truck whenever necessary using nothing more than a socket wrench. If you have a job that requires you to leave the truck body behind, you can remove it in a matter of minutes. The standalone truck body can even function as its own separate work unit after being dropped off at a job site.


Not drilling the system into the back of the truck also helps you avoid undue wear and tear. This less permanent form of attachment not only prevents rust and other deterioration; it ensures that when the time comes to replace the truck that you won’t have to replace the utility bed along with it.


Airtight & Watertight Design


A removable utility bed needs to protect your equipment. This is especially true of electricians or those who use a utility bed as a mobile office space, as exposure to moisture can quickly compromise fragile (and valuable) equipment. Simply covering your truck bed with a tarp isn’t enough in stormy conditions.


The fiberglass construction of a removable truck body is designed with these concerns in mind, creating an airtight and watertight space that keeps all equipment protected from external elements. No matter how bad conditions get outside, the comprehensive coverage provided by a removable utility bed will keep your valuable items safe. There’s a reason why these watertight truck bodies are even used for military applications!


Configurable Interiors


It goes without saying that a fiber optic installation team will have different needs than a military official. Fortunately, removable utility beds are fully customizable to adapt to these different needs.


Key features include options such as a sliding floor and storage space, ladder racks, customizable shelving, exterior side doors, sliding drawers, and even generator storage and spool racks. In other words, no matter what type of tools and equipment you need to transport, your removable utility bed can be configured in a way that will ensure safe travels.


These configurable interiors will protect your equipment during transportation, while also improving ease of access so you can get to work quickly after arriving at a job site. Sliding floors and other features also provide ergonomic benefits, helping you avoid injury while on the job. By allowing you to choose a set-up that meets your unique needs, you’ll be able to provide more efficient work than ever before.


The Best Way to Get Around


Whether you just need a way to get your plumbing tools around town or you need to equip a truck with medical equipment for search and rescue missions, you can’t beat the convenience and durability of a removable utility bed. These unique products can truly go wherever the road takes you, ensuring that you always have everything you need to get the job done.

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