2015 Ferrari 458 Italia car

October 7, 2016Cars Standard

This is a sports car which is produced by an Italian automobile car
manufacturer Ferrari. This sports car has been in production since the
year 2009 and comes with a wide variety of features for those who live
sports cars. Although it was named as a successor to the F430, this
model comes with an all new design and has incorporated a couple of
technologies to make it more efficient on the road. The transmission
of the car is a 7 clutch speed gearbox. The traditional manual option
is not available making it the first not to have it.
Double wishbone
The suspension of the car features one of the latest technologies in
car models and has double wishbones at the front. It also has a
multi-link set up at the rear of the vehicle. This gives the driver a
comfortable ride even at high speeds that the car can reach. It also
ensures the car is stable on the road and thus the safety of the
driver and the passenger is taken care of.
Standard carbon ceramic brakes
This car is made to cruise at 340km/h in its top speed. This means
that the braking system will have to be robust like the vehicle
itself. The brakes also come with a prefill feature in which the
pistons moves the pads to be in contact with the discs. This is meant
to ensure there is not delay when the braking is applied. Due to its
high speeds, the car will also need braking systems that bring the car
to a stop within a short period of time and distance.
The ABS technology
The 2015 Ferrari 458 Italia sports car comes equipped with the latest
safety technologies. This include the ABS that is meant to assist in
the braking of the car. The traction control systems also helps the
driver when they are cornering. With these technologies, the car can
stop from 100km/h after a distance of 32.5metres.

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